Amit Kashyap

The real idea behind aiozium. Amit is an innovative and creative manic. Who has deep drived information and has given reprised name to technologies. He is an integrited and intense professional who has a grip in artificial intelligence.

Divyam Vaid

She is confident, excellent in team work. Divyam loves music and loves to travel.

Harsh Vardhan

He is a technical manic. He handles technology like his own thing. Harsh loves to gain and learn new things every day and he is an tech freak.

Namarata Sapkal

She is an intelligent, smart and hardworking lady, who puts her mind and thought at right place. Namarata loves reading and gaining different types of knowledge.

Indu Desai

She has an opinion of her own, the very versatile and qualitative person. Indu is a nature lover and crazy about movies.