Make sense of your data and discover new insights.

Take action with seamless access to insights from your desk. Make informed decisions quickly. Connect, model, and then explore your data with visual reports that you can collaborate and share. Connect to your data wherever it lives. Then explore your data with stunning interactive visualizations.


Multiple API Support

It works with most of data sources and APIs.

Multi Format Visualization

50+ data visualization formats for deeper analysis.

Real-Time Data Sync

Get all digital matrix sync in real-time in single suite.

Cloud Based Access

Get role based access to your department which work on cloud environment.

100+ customer using Our application.

A data-driven perspective allows companies to examine and organise their data with the aim to serve better to their customers and consumers. By using data to drive its actions, an organisation can contextualise and personalise its messaging to its customers to enhance the customer experience.


Also with the help of aiozium, you can ask better questions and make worthwhile strategies.


Multi-level drill down tool lets you drill down to the multiple levels of your fundamental data. It extracts very specific information for you. The tool allows the dashboard to set up various drill down functions in a landscape.

More Features

Dataset Connectors.

All your data connected simply, regardless of their format, in one secure place for you to access and work on. Stop extracting your data every time you want an updated report.

Derived Dataset.

Let you combine different column from different data source and can apply operators to drive desire details. It help you to analysis data drilled further.

Real-time Data Sync.

Say stop to copy/paste or data extraction. Stay on top of your business performance with automated data refresh. Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you need.

Reports Builder.

Fast and easy dashboard creation to organize all your relevant data and deliver instant results. Drag and drop widgets into your dashboards, select the right data and bring your it to life.

R and Python Report.

User the power of data science tool and visualize it the way you want. Run code and connector and let the data display trend and prominent patterns.

Muti-level Drill View.

It allows you to go deeper in data to find out the fact which matters a lot. Multi- level drill feature the best tool of data intelligence to take accurate decision.

Role -Based Access.

Clear workflow without multiple file versions, collaborate and share with your colleagues easily in just one click. Access your business KPIs from anywhere on the web.

It’s time to ride on your Techno-Hunk and feel the thrill of growing your business.

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